More Than I Can Say: Michael Peers—A Memoir

More Than I Can Say: Michael Peers—A Memoir

ISBN 9781551265759

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Editor: Michael Ingham
Softcover: 158 pages
Publisher: ABC Publishing (2014)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1551265759
Size: 6" x 9'

A Nobel Prize winner, a Governor General of Canada, and an Archbishop of Canterbury join together, with over 70 writers from around the world, in this memoir for Archbishop Michael Peers, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada from 1986 to 2004. Archbishop Michael Peers died in July 2023, four days short of his 89th birthday.

For a 2015 review of this book, visit the Anglican Journal website.

This publication is out-of-print. A small number of copies have been made available through remaining (limited) inventory from the former Anglican Book Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Editorial reviews
"This memoir marvellously mirrors the man - stories delightfully told in their own idiom by people from every walk of life, recounting the wisdom, wit, and compassion of one of the most remarkable leaders of the church in the late twentieth century."
-Archbishop Colin R. Johnson

"A man of his time for the issues of his time, Michael Peers provided leadership and inspiration for a church in search of a way forward in an era of significant transition, both in the church and in society. This is an unusual format, a worthy tribute, and an inspiring read."
-Archbishop Andrew S. Hutchison, Twelfth Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada

"Michael Geoffrey Peers has loved and served our church, and with such distinction and devotion, as to render him as one of the most influential figures in its history." (from the Foreword)
-Archbishop Fred J. Hiltz, Thirteenth Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada